Voice of Customer


Exciting Giveaway Opportunity!

Head over to the @cigarshowtim YouTube channel and join the giveaway for this fantastic prize. With its spacious capacity and quality construction, it's a must-have for any cigar aficionado. Enter now for your chance to upgrade your cigar storage experience!


Premium Humidor Essentials

The needone Cigar Humidor is becoming a staple in my collection. It ensures my cigars stay in optimal condition. Keeping an eye on temperature and humidity has never been easier, thanks to these premium accessories. A must-have setup for any cigar enthusiast serious about preserving their collection.


Beginnings with NEEDONE 23L

Just unpacked my needone 23L Cigar Humidor and I'm thrilled to begin the seasoning process! As a beginner in the cigar world, I'm excited to dive into this new hobby with such a high-quality humidor. Looking forward to filling it with my favorite cigars and enjoying them in perfect condition.


Spacious and Stylish Humidor Delight

Just took a peek inside my needone humidor, and I'm impressed with the ample space! Thinking of squeezing a few more cigars in the back—any recommendations? Added some flair with holders, even custom colored one to match our department's gear. Stylish and spacious, this humidor is a true delight for cigar enthusiasts!

Festive Prize Unboxing!

Big shoutout to needone for the Christmas contest prize! Just received my 16L or 100 count humidor, which fits perfectly on top of my 48L or 300 count. Excited to acclimate and season it, then fill it up with my favorite cigars. What a fantastic way to kick off the new year!


Humidor Enthusiast's Delight

As a humidor enthusiast, I've surpassed the need for just one—I'm on the verge of needing three! Another 48L humidor from needone would be gladly welcomed and put to good use without hesitation. Their quality and craftsmanship make them a top choice for any cigar collection.


Festive Deserve a Luxurious Home

Tis the season for indulgence, and with a few leafy presents on the way, it's time to spruce up the needone humidor! In fact, I might just need a new one to accommodate all the goodies headed my way. With its luxurious design and ample space, it's the perfect home for my holiday treats.


Festive Delight for Cigar

NEEDONEChristmas brings joy to cigar smokers and enthusiasts alike! The NEEDONE Cigar Humidor is the perfect addition to any Christmas decor, adding a touch of elegance to the festivities. As a part of the vibrant cigar community, this humidor is a must-have for celebrating the season with style and sophistication.



How cool is this? My IG winnings have arrived and been unpack, cleaned and now seasoning! A huge thank you to needone for this prize! Also, a hearty thanks to @cigarprop for setting up the contest! This is gonna be fun!