Cigar Humidor, Cooling Cabinet Electronic Hygrometer

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5th Anniversary Sale: Adopting Semiconductor Refrigeration Technology, Cigar Fridge for Temperature Control, with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Digital Hygrometer.

Size: 23L


Model: NO-23A

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NEEDONE Cooler Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Just cooling and no heating. Adopting Semiconductor Refrigeration Technology (Peltier Effect). The internal cabinet temperature is affected by the set temperature and ambient temperature. Best for summer use, but if you place the device indoors at 64-78 ℉ in winter, it would be suitable, too.
The internal humidity is affected by the internal temperature and the water box. {It works better with humidity control packs.} Gift for Men.


Electronic Cooler Humidor: The temperature range of NEEDONE Clooer is 54℉ to 74℉, which avoids the influence of the external environment on cabinet temperature and humidity, and provides a more suitable space for long-term storage

100-300 Cigar Capacity & Ultra Quiet: This humidor provides 1 movable cedro shelf and a large-capacity cedro drawer with a Hygrometer. The cooler humidor can store up to 300 cigars (unpacking). The hygrometer helps to monitor humidity so your items are in the optimal storage environment for enhanced flavor. The noise of the humidor is lower than 38 dB. ✔ A Ideal Gift Option

Spanish Cedar Wood: This Cooler uses Spanish cedar wood, whose scent can help to promote aging, improve the aroma, and make the perfect taste of your collection. Made of unpainted cedar wood, the shelves and drawers are full of nature's nice smell

Dual Pane Glass Door & Touch Control: This cooler cabinet uses a double-layer hollow tempered glass door design. The outer glass is insulated, shading and effectively preventing ultraviolet rays, while the inner glass plays a good role in heat preservation. Glass panel touch control, simple and elegant, can avoid opening the door frequently that is helping to keep temperature & humidity steady

360°Circulation Air Cooling: The 360°circulating air-cooling system simulates air circulation to make the cold air cover each item evenly, avoid sinking the humid air, and make the humidity of each layer in the cabinet more uniform. The closed-loop air circulation can effectively maintain the proper humidity for storing your collection

Hygrometer: Easy to read & More Accurate
Wood's Type: Spanish Cedar Wood - The best friend of your collection!
Upgrade: digital hygrometer displays
Other: Dual Pane Glass Door; Glass Panel Touch Control; ≤38 dB Low Noise; Built-In LED Light; Frequency Conversion Technology


Volume: 16L
Model number: NO-16A
Capacity: 16L/0.57 Cu Ft(MAX 100 Counts)
Temperature control range:54℉~ 74℉
Use the ambient temperature:64℉~ 78℉
Spanish Cedar Wood: YES
Shelf: 1 Shelf & 1 Drawer
Unit Dimensions: 10"×14.2"×20.3"
Operation mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Noise level: ≤38dB
Display: LCD temperature display

Volume: 23L
Model number: NO-23A
Capacity: 23L/0.8 Cu Ft (MAX 150 Counts)
Temperature control range:54℉~ 74℉
Use the ambient temperature:64℉~ 78℉
Spanish Cedar Wood: YES
Shelf: 2 Shelves & 1 Drawer
Unit Dimensions: 10"×17.8"×20.3"
Operation mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Noise level: ≤38dB
Display: LCD temperature display

Volume: 48L
Model number: NO-48B
Capacity: 48L/1.7 Cu Ft (MAX 300 Counts)
Temperature control range:54℉~ 74℉
Use the ambient temperature:64℉~ 78℉
Spanish Cedar Wood: YES
Shelf: 3 Shelves & 1 Drawer
Unit Dimensions: 14.0"×25.4"×20.1"
Operation mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Noise level: ≤38dB
Display: LCD temperature display

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Terence Lyon
Still getting familiar but so far I love it.

Seems my stash quality has been improved

Josh Thurau

fast shipping, nice humidor

Shawn Hunter

If you buy enough cigars then it well worth the investment

Youssouf Camara

Damage in the back of the cooler


I got this for my cigars because my house is too warm to store cigars without temperature control, as they would be susceptible to mold. This unit holds temperature and humidity shockingly well and Im super impressed.The size is very manageable, and it is very quiet. My wife likes the way it looks, which means I get to keep it!Note that the 300-cigar capacity is only if you store singlesif you have boxes, it will cut the storage down to 150, give or take, depending upon the dimensions of the boxes. I knew this going in, so I bought one that would fit my needs accordingly. If youre going to store a lot of singles, make sure to buy another tray or two, since the flat shelves wont do you any favors for singles.The included digital hygrometer is laughably inaccurate, so if you buy this, make sure to buy a good quality hygrometer that you can calibrate. I recommend the wifi-enabled Govee hygrometers that let you monitor them from anywhere.If I had kids around, I would get a different on

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