Cigar Humidor, Heating Cooling Woodgrain Hygrometer

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5th Anniversary Sale: with Heating & Cooling Control, Quiet Cooler Cabinet for 150/350 Counts with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Drawer with Hygrometer, designed to preserve your cigars in optimal conditions year-round.

Size: 23L



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NEEDONE 23L&48L Electric Cigar Humidor Thermostatic Cabinet

with Heating & Cooling Control, Quiet Cooler Cabinet for 150/350 Counts with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Drawer with Hygrometer, designed to preserve your cigars in optimal conditions year-round.

Semi-Heat & Cool Integration: 
Adapt effortlessly to changing seasons with our innovative heating and cooling system. Easily control temperatures (54℉-74℉) and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius for your convenience. Maintain a wider ambient temperature range (41℉-78℉) compared to competitors for superior cigar growth.

360° Air Cooling Frost-Free: 
Enjoy uniform temperature distribution with our advanced air-cooling system. Thickened sealing strips ensure excellent sealing performance, preventing humid air settling and maintaining uniform humidity levels.

Transparent Dual-Pane Glass & Enhanced Lighting: 
Our humidor features stylishly see-through glass with enhanced insulation properties. Embedded LED lights illuminate your collection across multiple layers, providing enhanced visibility.

Spanish Cedar Wood & Digital Hygrometer: 
Experience the unparalleled aroma and taste enhancement of Spanish cedar wood. Our humidor features a built-in digital hygrometer for precise humidity monitoring, ensuring your cigars age gracefully.

Elegant Touch Control & Serene Ambiance: 
Seamlessly control your humidor with our touch control panel integrated into the glass. The compact design and upgraded temperature lock feature prevent accidental adjustments, while the ultra-quiet operation ensures a tranquil environment.


Model: NO-23-CH2-WD
Capacity: 23L/0.8 Cu Ft (Up to 150 Counts)
Temperature Range: 54℉~ 74℉
Ambient Temperature: 41℉-78℉
Shelves: 2 Shelves & 1 Drawer
Dimensions: 19.69(D) x 10.24(W) x 18.5(H) inches
Operation Mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Automatic Humidification: Yes
Noise Level: ≤35dB
Display: LCD Temperature Display
Elevate your cigar experience with the NEEDONE NO-23WD Cigar Humidor. Preserve your collection in style – order now and indulge in luxury.

Model: NO-48-CH2-WD
Capacity: 48L/1.7 Cu Ft (Up to 350 Counts)
Temperature Range: 54℉~ 74℉
Ambient Temperature: 41℉-78℉
Shelves: 3 Shelves & 1 Drawer
Dimensions: 19.76(D) x 13.58 (W)x 24.41(H) inches
Operation Mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Automatic Humidification: Yes
Noise Level: ≤35dB
Display: LCD Temperature Display
Elevate your cigar collection with the NEEDONE NO-48WD Electric Cigar Humidor. Order now and experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication.


Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Well worth it!

Waited a month before this review. Came packaged decently, so no shipping issues. Did scrub it out and left the door open for a day. I buy a lot of different cigars so I modified two of the shelves with cedar, boxing them in. Face it, sometimes we get bundles and not boxes. I know this increased the capacity to 350. With the provided tray filled with distilled water, the humidity just wouldn¡¯t come up to 55% after two days, so I added a couple of liquid crystal humidifier jars. This got it up to over 70% in a day....I took out the water tray and left the two jars and it¡¯s stayed at a consistent 65% for 3 weeks. Very quiet and great circulation so no need to turn the sticks and they burn evenly...well except for the Rocky¡¯s, but what¡¯s a guy to do? This is a great investment if you take cigars seriously and I won¡¯t be going back to the standard humidor.

A great value and worth every penny

This is a great cigar humidor and refrigerator. It is easy to organize and maintain. Mine does run a little cool at 65* but the humidity is spot on. I seasoned it for a week before I loaded my 200 Cubans I brought back from Havana.

Shannon M
Nice looking and quality wood but, thin plastic door frame...

Update3/22/2024: The seller was very helpful and responsive. Everything was handled professionally and I am satisfied with my purchase. The humidor is working great and holds the temperature as well as the humidity in the range I set. I'm changing my rating from 2 stars to 5 for the professional response of the seller and the willingness to make things right.I will update this review after I hear from the seller. The reason I have craftsmanship rated as 1 star is the door frame was cracked out of the box. The packaging was not damaged nor was the box it came in so, I can only think it was damaged prior to being put in the box. Other than the cracked door frame, the humidor is as described in the advertisement. The shelves and drawer are quality wood and seem very sturdy.

Dr Rob
Easy to use

They have great customer service! This product works best with ambient temperatures above 71 degrees. Easy to set up and use. The product in winter will only keep cigars at about 62-65.


Finally a humidor that you can actually set it and forget it. Nice price point too.

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Supports Southeastern Guide Dogs

The live raffle of the NEEDONE 23L Wood Grain Cigar Humidor on April 27th was a resounding success, serving as a testament to the unwavering support for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Presented by Tip Top Smoke Emporium and Black Bird Cigars, the event brought together cigar enthusiasts and supporters of the cause to raise funds for disabled veterans through the Guide Dogs for Disabled Veterans program.

The event, hosted at Tip Top Smoke Emporium in Springfield, Ohio, saw a fantastic turnout of passionate cigar aficionados eager to contribute to a meaningful cause. Organized by The Ohio Cigar Mafia, an independent fundraising group committed to supporting Southeastern Guide Dogs, the event featured the live raffle of the NEEDONE Sponsorship 23L Cigar Cabinet Wood Grain humidor.

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