NO-48BT Cigar Humidor, 48L Heating Cooling Cabinet

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Offer precise temperature control (54℉-74℉), 360° air circulation, and a digital hygrometer for optimal cigar storage. Whole-body cedar wood, whisper-quiet operation, and sleek glass panel touch interface make it a premium choice for up to 300 cigars. Perfect for cigar enthusiasts, with advanced features for long-term storage.

-Size: 48L/(MAX 300 Counts)

48L/(MAX 300 Counts)

Model: NO-48BT

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NEEDONE Cigar Humidor 48L Dual-Pane Glass

Temperature range of NEEDONE Cooler 54℉ to 74℉, Upgraded cooler With Opti-Temp Heating, you can heat or cool it to the exact degree you need, No more worry about the low Indoor temperature, which avoids the influence of the external environment on cabinet temperature and humidity, and provides a more suitable space for long-term storage, Gifts for Men.

About this item

Seamlessly integrates heating and cooling functions to cater to every season. Temperature control range: 54℉-74℉. Advised ambient temperature range: 41℉-78℉, wider than most competitors. Effortlessly attain the optimal temperature for collection aging and maturation.

The 360°circulating air-cooling system simulates air circulation to make the cold air cover each item evenly, the closed-loop air circulation can effectively maintain the proper humidity for storing your collection. No Auto Control, Adjust humidity manually - optional humidity control packs not included.

Cedarwood adds to the diverse fragrance and flavors. Whole-body cedar wood does it even more! NOTE: It can store up to 350 amounts, the actual capacity depends on the size of your ring gauge.

Keep a watch on humidity levels with the built-in numeric display (Accuracy: ±5%RH). 

Glass panel touch controls effortlessly blend style and usability with a sleek, compact design and user-friendly buttons. 

Operate at a noise level below 35dB, ensuring an ultra-quiet ambiance that will never disrupt your daily life.

The outer shading glass serves as a barrier against heat, while the thicker inner glass adeptly conserves heat. The soft and gentle illumination elegantly bathes your items, simplifying the process of locating and selecting your desired items with ease.


Volume: 48L
Model number: NO-48BT
Capacity: 48L/1.7 Cu Ft (MAX 300 Counts)
Temperature control range:54℉~ 74℉
Use the ambient temperature:41℉~ 78℉
Spanish Cedar Wood: YES
Shelf: 3 Shelves & 1 Drawer
Unit Dimensions: 14.0"×25.2"×20"
Operation mode: Touch Control
Hygrometer: Digital
Noise level: ≤38dB
Display: LCD temperature display


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
F. Todd
Great unit, good capacity

I looked for a smaller humidor for a long time before deciding on this one. I don’t know that it would hold 300 cigars unless I really jammed them in, but for my rotating stock between 75 and 120, it’s perfect. Also, I used some leftover cedar trays to hold my cigars so they wouldn’t roll around. Otherwise, the temp is rock-solid, and the humidity retention is perfect. It gives off a quiet, unobtrusive hum, and it looks really sharp. For the price and as my first humidor after being in for years, I’m really thrilled. Just always to one size bigger than you think you need!

NEEDONE 48L (300 Count) Humidor Cabinet w/Heating and Cooling

I had been wanting another humidor because I was running out of room in my 100-125 count desktop type. Read all I could about all the various humidors -- electric, cooled, heated/cooled, and non-electric standard units. Decided I wanted one that’s heated and cooled, based on the climate in our area. Shopped around, read lots of reviews & "best of" lists & watched numerous videos from numerous brands. Settled in on the NeedOne 48L/300 count, heated/cooled unit. If you’re shopping around, be careful because some models may only have the cooling feature, so check to make sure what you're looking at and what you need, before you buy. I’ve had the NeedOne 48L since the beginning of April. I wiped down the interior as per instructions with a damp towel using distilled water, and I detected no off-smells from the interior. Then I got it set up for seasoning. NOTE – there is a drain at the back center of the bottom of the cabinet. You have to drop a little bit of distilled water into the drain in order to create a water trap so humidity won’t escape. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing the humidity non-stop. I allowed at least two weeks, maybe a little more, for seasoning even though the instructions & some reviews say it can be less than that. I tested the accuracy of the included digital hygrometer using the “salt slurry/brine” method. It was close but not exact, so I may replace it at some point soon with one of the “smart hygrometers” out there. So far, the humidor itself is working great. I have about 180 cigars in it, give or take, and they’re of various types & mfr's. It's doing a nice job of keeping them at a very steady 69-71% humidity level and 70-degree temp. Both humidity & temp vary slightly from the top shelf to the bottom of the case, but that's to be expected with any humidor like this, except possibly the ultra-super-expensive ones. Currently, I use humidity packs (69%), but I’m also researching alternatives for that -- something like a compact electric auto-humidity control system. Since I’m using the humidity packs, I don’t normally use the little water tray included with the unit. I did use the water tray while the seasoning was going on. However, now I only use the tray if I add a decent amount of new cigars to the humidor. And that’s only to help augment the humidity packs and make sure the humidity is stable with the newly added cigars. After a few days, I’ll pull the water tray out again. Humidity levels have remained very stable. I do notice that since I've had this unit, which is only about 2 months, my cigars smoke much better, taste much better & burn much better, and more evenly than when I kept them in my old desktop humidor. I think the key has to be a stable temp, even air circulation, and a better humidity environment. One last thing – Overall for this review, I highly recommend the NeedOne 48L heating/cooling humidor. If you want to upgrade, do your homework of course, but give consideration to the NeedOne lineup.

bobby a daniels

My husband is THRILLED with this. works fantastic. Keeps his cigars at the exact humidity and freshness he wants. Holds 300 but he said he has squeezed 400 in there. Highly recommend it if looking for a small electric humidor. No problems with it at all.

Lester Regacho
Nice! Humidor!

The only thing I take care of is the humidity. The temperature is taken care of by the humidor itself. I have 2 of these now. They work great! Take care of them and clean them from time to time. Make sure the vents are cleaned off and the fans are running fine.

Don Cajone
Good Buy

Well-made box and accessory tray. Hygrometer stock at 70 percent. Otherwise, this humidor is just right for my needs. It seals well and keeps the humidity level. I’m happy with it.

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