NO-8-SI1 8 Bottle Wine Cooler, 23L Thermoelectric Fridge

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Mini Wine Refrigerator, Cooling System with Glass Door, Adjustable Shelves & Digital Temperature Display for Soda, Wine or Beer.

Size: 8 Bottle/23L

8 Bottle/23L
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NO-8-SI1 8 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet

Elevate Your Wine Experience
Indulge in the perfect preservation of your favorite wines with our NO-8-SI1 8 Bottle Wine Cooler. This 23L thermoelectric fridge is designed for wine enthusiasts who appreciate precision control and flexible, spill-free storage.

Refrigerator Key Features:

Storage Temperature Setting:

Dual chip air cooling + independent fan for faster cooling.
Temperature setting range: 54-64℉(12-18°C).
Temperature accuracy ±1°C/2°F.
Dual chip refrigeration ensures accurate temperature control and uniform air circulation.

Precision Control, Perfectly Preserve:

Preserve your every bottle of wine with precise temperature control.
Uniform air circulation guarantees consistent temperatures for optimal wine storage.

Place Wine Anytime, Any Way:

Vertical shelf + horizontal shelf (4+4) for compatibility with various red wine capacities.
Support horizontal/vertical red wine placement, preventing spills after opening.
The wine cabinet ensures your wine is kept perfectly, regardless of when or how you choose to enjoy it.

Flexible, Spill-Free Storage:

Enjoy flexible and spill-proof storage for a hassle-free wine experience.

Efficient and Energy-Saving:

70W standard electronic wine cabinet for low energy consumption.
Annual power consumption ≤150kw.h/year.
Compliant with DOE Energy efficiency standards for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Long-Term Storage:

LED screen display with lock screen function for easy and secure temperature control.
Double toughened glass for added durability and protection.
Noise level ≤40dB, ensuring a quiet environment for your stored wines.

Effortless Control, Silent Guard, Elegant Display:

Real-time temperature display allows easy monitoring and prevention of miscontact.
Internal heat insulation protects wines from harmful UV rays.
Lower noise level (less than 40dB) compared to compressor-type wine cabinets for a serene storage environment.

Place Anywhere, Elevate Everywhere:

Weighing only 9.2Kg/20.28lb, this compact wine cooler is light, easy to place, and doesn't occupy much space.
Elevate your space with luxury that fits seamlessly anywhere.
Upgrade your wine storage with the NO-8-SI1 8 Bottle Wine Cooler - where precision meets elegance. Order Now and Enhance Your Wine Experience!


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Todd Bolton
Does the job!

We never realized how necessary this item was until we had it. This 8 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler refrigerator is a lovely (and, gulp, necessary) part of our kitchen.

First of all, it's nice and slender, so it fit right in an otherwise empty corner of our kitchen. Secondly, it does a great job of keeping our variety of wines cold and out of the way. Third, it's very quiet, so there's no rumbling motor or unnecessary noise. We'd been using a wine rack, but they're often unstable and seem always on the verge of having a bottle slip and crash. With this cooler, they're in there and they're going nowhere until needed. Or wanted. Let's say needed...

Wayne Middleton
Seems to be working fine . Got it today

I'm using this to store my cologne and my wife's perfume at an even 60 degrees. The south Florida heat and humidity fluctuations make this wine cooler thing seem like a good idea . Esp since I can't see myself leaving the AC on in my apt for 8-12 hours a day that I'm at work.. I will leave an update in a month or so but so far it appears fine.

Rachel L.
High quality, compact, and nice looking!

I've wanted a wine fridge for some time, but I was a little leery of the footprint and potential noise of a fridge. This one takes up very little space and looks very nice (plus frees up space in the regular fridge). It's quite attractive and its temperature control and accuracy is remarkable for the price point. Highly recommend!

City Girl
Compact and Nice Design

This wine cooler is sleek and compact. I was really impressed with how well it is made for the price. The blue light inside is a very cool feature. If you are someone who enjoys wine but doesnt have a ton to store this is for you.


I received my wine cellar as a gift and its absolutely fantastic. Its quiet, the perfect height and holds just the right amount of wine. One of my best gifts ever.

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