How To Keep Cigars Better In Humidor

How To Keep Cigars Better In Humidor
A humidor is a kind of freezer often used by cigar customers. Almost any cigar customer will have cigars consumed for more than a few weeks after smoking cigars for a period of time. If there are too many cigars, they must be stored in a humidor. So how to keep cigars in the humidor? What are the precautions for the use of the humidor? Let's learn about the use and maintenance of the humidor below.

(1)The operation manual of the cigar cabinet:

   1. Please put the product on a stable plane, and the horizontal stability of the product can be adjusted by tightening or screwing the box feet.
   2. Please clean the inside of the product with a clean soft damp cloth (do not use corrosive cleaners or solvents to clean it).

   3. Check whether the power cord is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be replaced by professional maintenance personnel.

   4. It is recommended to install the humidor in a room with an ambient temperature of 10-26°C (50-80°F). If the ambient temperature is lower or higher than this temperature value, the temperature of the humidor will not reach the ideal temperature you want. .
    5. Connect the product to the power supply.
    6. Set the ideal temperature you want.
    7. Put an appropriate amount of water in the water box.
    8. Put the cigars in the humidor.
    9. Turn on the light switch.

(2)Precautions for the use of cigar cabinets:

    1. When placing cigars in the humidor, you should pay attention to reserve some space on the back and the top, and do not stick the cigars close to the back and top.

    2. The humidity near the upper air outlet is generally low, which is suitable for placing loose cigars and cigars ready to be smoked.

    3. The lower part of the humidor is used for long-term boxed cigars.

    4. The cigar cabinet is designed for the purpose of placing the most cigars on the basis of complete safety. Pay attention to the following for the best placement.

    5. Place the humidor evenly on the shelf so that the weight is even. The humidor should not touch the back of the cabinet or the steps at the bottom of the cabinet. Do not stack the humidor on the top or bottom.

(3)The maintenance of the cigar cabinet:

    1. The first thing is to clean. After the humidor has been used for a period of time, it is easy to deposit some cigar debris. At the same time, the partitions in the humidor sometimes become a little black. Therefore, the humidor needs to be cleaned regularly (1-2 times every six months). When cleaning the refrigerator, cut off the power first, and gently scrub with a soft cloth dipped in pure water. Try to use the pure water used in the humidifier, so that there will be no pollution.

    2. Secondly, when the accessories in the cigar cabinet are dirty and fouled, they should be removed and cleaned with pure water. The surface of electrical parts should be wiped with a dry cloth. When cleaning the humidor, it is best to use completely odorless pure water. Do not use washing powder, decontamination powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, brushes, etc., which will easily damage the inner wall and the environment inside the cabinet.

    3. The pine clapboard in the cigar cabinet should not be exposed to the sun after being cleaned with pure water, it is easy to deform and crack, just put it in the cabinet with the door open, and let it dry naturally.

    4. After the overall cleaning of the interior, check the airtightness of the cigar cabinet. There is a very simple method. Turn off the lights at night and place an open flashlight in the cigar cabinet to see if there is light leaking around the cabinet. If there is no airtight cigar cabinet Sex is fine.

    5. After finishing, plug in the power supply, and keep the cigars in the empty cabinet after an hour or two of moisturizing and keeping warm.

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