Something About Protect Cigars

Something About Protect Cigars
In the process from tobacco leaves to finished products, cigars have to go through 230 processes. After these processes are completed, the state of cigars is not perfect, so it is necessary to continue to promote its aging, and the maintenance of cigars is the best way to make them naturally aging. For cigar lovers, cigars are alive, and while you are waiting for the cigars to age, you are also witnessing a process of life transformation.

Before understanding how to maintain cigars, let's first understand what characteristics a well-maintained cigar should have:

The color of the well-maintained cigar wrapper is uniform, the oil content is sufficient, and the wrapper surface has no defects such as spots and holes, and some can even reach the state of "blooming";

Gently pinch the well-maintained cigars with your hands, the cigars are elastic to the touch, rolled evenly, and the overall moisture is moderate;

If you smell a well-maintained cigar with your nose, you will smell a faint fermented smell, and there will be no green gas and irritating smell;

A good cigar in a good state is smooth and transparent, has a mellow taste, and can hold ashes for a long time.

So what can cigar fans do if they want to maintain their cigars well?

1.Have a special cigar conservation cabinet or conservation box. If you are a senior cigar fan, it is very necessary to have a special cigar conservation cabinet or conservation box. The purchased cigar cellophane and wooden boxes can only be used temporarily during the sale period, and cannot be used for long-term maintenance.

2. Constant temperature and humidity. The maintenance of cigars has strict requirements on temperature and humidity. It is necessary to follow the "Double 70 Principles". The temperature should be maintained between 18°C and 21°C, and the humidity should be maintained between 65% and 75%. If the humidity level exceeds 80% for a long time, the cigar may be in danger of rotting and mold;

3. Avoid high temperature. Cigars are afraid of heat, do not place the curing cabinet in a high temperature environment, and try to avoid direct sunlight;

4. Keep away from pollution. The surrounding of the cigar conservation cabinet is kept away from vegetation and pollution sources, which is conducive to natural alcoholization, insect control and pollen prevention;

5. Properly filter the air. The indoor should have the conditions for fresh air to enter after air filtration to ensure air flow and facilitate the discharge of miscellaneous air;

6. Reduce the switching frequency of the cigar cabinet. It is best to keep the humidor open once every one to two weeks. Frequent opening and closing of the humidor will cause changes in the environment in the box and affect the aging of the cigar;

7. Use the environment to affect the taste. The so-called "wet is bitter and dry, and wet is heavy and dry is light". For example, if you like cigars with a spicy taste, you can set the environment to be a little dry in the normal range, so that the mellow cigars will taste a little hotter.

8. Actively adjust the non-temperature-controlled humidity humidor. For cigar cabinets without temperature and humidity adjustment functions, it is necessary to monitor the environment in the cabinet in real time and actively adjust the temperature and humidity.

At just the right time, it is a great blessing to meet the right person and beautiful things. After the precipitation of time, it is a very happy thing to meet the best cigar. Master these little knowledge about raising cigar and meet your "happiness".

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