Humidity Issues When Caring For Cigars

Humidity Issues When Caring For Cigars

Today let us talk about humidity issues that need to be focused on when caring for cigars.

Q: Why should we pay attention to humidity?
A: The humidity of cigars will affect the igniting, combustion and taste of cigars.

If the humidity is too high:

1.The cigar will develop mold, and the surface will be covered with white mold or even green mold.

2.The cigar will be difficult to be lighted , the burn process will be uneven, and the taste will be out of balance.

3.The cigar leaves will swell, making smoking difficult.

If the humidity is too low:

The cigar leaves will dry out, the oil on the surface will evaporate, and the cigar will lose its original flavor.

It is difficult to control the burning. Either it's hard to keep burning, or it burns very hard.

The cigar becomes brittle or even burst, and emits a bitter taste.

Q: What is the ideal humidity for storing cigars?

A: about 70%.

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